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Stand out + win projects with plug 'n play callouts from real architect proposals. Do it in a day + watch clients SEE you!

Fourteen (14) plug-and-play callout box swipes from ACTUAL client work and ACTUAL winning proposals

ProTips so you can create your own

Ability to create direct line from what clients need to what you offer - WITH EASE

ready to level up your proposals?


all the details

14 callouts from MY winning architect proposals

You get a REAL benefit chart template that adds REAL value and that you can implement right away. I created this for use in client interviews (when you get into the good stuff!) and it worked so well I adapted it for use in proposals. I designed this to be both EASY and EFFECTIVE. I know you - I know what works I created this to help you win. 

elevate and add clarity to your existing materials

learn how to Show what they need, what you offer, + how they overlap throughout

show clients you make things easy for them - they have no reason to believe you do anything but that 

You'd think clients would look for and SEE info they want, right? But they don't.

And I say this as someone who spent 20 years as in-house marketing in architecture firms - I've done a million of them! So I KNOW. And it never stops being frustrating to wonder IF it was even seen.

Let me guess - you spend a ton of time (and money!) on proposals - without results. You don't know what the problem is or how the winning firms (no better than you) are doing it. And you really don't have time for this. This isn't even what you DO. Frustration (or desperation) builds - until the next time, when they again say you "came in second." What are you supposed to do?

i want this for you!

Imagine you win the next project. Everyone is so happy you get referrals, more projects, and stop stressing about money. Your work gets noticed and you win an award... and another... and another! Visibility and word of mouth has you so busy you choose what to work on. How does that sound? It's possible... take the first step and download the materials to add callouts to your work.

It's vital you know how callouts can impact you and your architect firm:

There's another reason - the risks if you don't. Financial, potential lost staff, or even the firm. You likely regularly go up against firms with in-house marketing. If so, you need every advantage you can get so you can better compete with them.

Then - consider your legacy. Better proposals, better chance of winning. Easier time paying bills, supporting others, and leaving your mark on the world. You are TALENTED designers NOT impacting lives - don't lose that because they can't find the important information. Especially since there are super easy fixes for this! 

Here's the thing: You can be the best designer in the world, but if your potential client cannot see what makes you different from another firm – or uniquely qualified for THEIR project – you’ve got a problem. You won’t get the job. 

One day of adding callouts can determine winning and losing the next proposal - and BEYOND. Go get it!

Meet the author 

Hey, I'm Barb, and I'm obsessed with helping architects win projects

My nearly 20 years as an in-house and consulting marketer in (mostly) architecture firms has not only shown me what architects have in common, it has shown me how you stand apart from each other — uniquely positioning me to show that to clients.

My specialty is figuring out EXACTLY how to connect your unique qualifications with what clients need — and making sure it is REALLY clear to everyone. 

foUNDER of savvyhound, @GETSAVVYHOUND                   
adopted 7 retired racing greyhounds 

“Barb made it easy for customers to see why they want to work with us.”

Barb turned very complex information into approachable, engaging text that makes it easy for customers to see who we are, what we do, and why they want to work with us."

Tim, company founder

“Her marketing knowledge + ability to prepare proposals is impressive.”

I enjoyed her creativity and work ethic. Her marketing knowledge and ability to prepare proposals along with coaching others for their presentations was impressive.

virginia, human resources

This architecture proposal download highlighting callouts is for you    

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You want to learn the key to stronger proposals and how to stand out and be SEEN


You want to WIN MORE and are READY to experience this change


Let's do this + leave the competition in the dust!

Architectural proposals are more competitive than ever. There’s no room for error. Callouts like in "Shockingly easy way to win more proposals" lead to better proposals, more wins, and making the competition jealous!

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