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Discover the ultimate marketing strategy for architects to transform your visibility in the industry. Be more competitive, win more projects, and do business development like a BOSS without sacrificing more billable hours, free time, or your sanity to marketing. 

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Welcome to The EDGE –
the ultimate marketing strategy for architects

The Architect's Dilemma:

Stand out or get left behind

The Architect's Dilemma:

Stand out or get left behind

Are you tired of pouring hours into proposals and profiles only to be overlooked by clients?

  • Worried because there are less projects and more competition - and you need work.
  • Maybe you've been frustrated, like there's nothing you can do - it feels like an uphill battle.
  • Anxious because architecture is a long game and you need clients. How do you stand out NOW?

Is it leaving you: 
Good news! It doesn't have to be this way.

today, you have options.

This bespoke profile was designed specifically for YOUR pursuits. Clear, engaging, and benefit-forward, architecture clients see themselves in it - and see you as the solution they need. And... your clients LOVE it. 

The EDGE shows the best of you - in the best way - and clients keep reading. 

real results:

It will change your business!!”

Barb helped us reframe our expertise so it centers on our clients - and they love it! Our work can be confusing and overwhelming to clients and Barb helped us make it - and us - sound accessible and approachable! She will help capture “you” in a way you can be proud of.

- tamara halvorson 

With the edge's marketing strategy


+ gain increased visibility

+ attract ideal clients

+ BECOME THE architect of CHOICE 

+ have Less Stress, More Success

let's do this thing


(it works!)


developed specifically for architects so clients see you as the only architect they need.

Barb reframed our expertise so it centers on our clients - they love it! Our work can be confusing and overwhelming but she helped it + us sound accessible + approachable! She captures you in a way you can be proud of.

Barb reframed our expertise so it centers on our clients - they love it! Our work can be confusing and overwhelming but she helped it and us sound accessible and approachable! She captures you in a way you can be proud of.

- tamara halvorson 

“Get The EDGE!
It will change your business!!”

Clients went from confused to loving this accessible approach!

                  Potential clients struggled to understand Tamara's materials, filled with historic preservation's unavoidable (complicated) industry lingo. A young firm with talent to spare but no permission to list previous firm experience, they ran into a common issue: their marketing materials were more reflective of previous firms - and the previous generation - than them.

The Pigeon team is extremely talented, and also an extremely approachable group with fun personalities. We wanted to marry the two without losing any credibility, being true to who they are and showing up the same in written materials and in person. 

"Our work can be confusing and overwhelming to clients and Barb helped make it - and us - sound accessible and approachable!"

-Tamara Halvorsen,
Founder, Pigeon Consulting




Engaging, client-focused messaging shows their authority & personality

               We found a new balance. We changed the messaging and overall organization so they could keep their authority, while also showing them as being as approachable.

We presented the information in an engaging, easy-to-read, client-focused manner, minimizing industry language and speaking directly to their clients. We infused enough personality to capture the spirit of Pigeon without lessening their credibility. 

"Barb reframed our expertise so it centers on our clients - they love it!" 

"Barb will help capture 'you' in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!"

-Tamara Halvorsen,
Founder, Pigeon Consulting


Let's break it down

The EDGE's new  marketing strategy for architects offers:


what you get


how it works


the results

Customized approach for your firm

 HE EDGE isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We adapt our proven strategy to your specific needs and goals, ensuring your marketing tool is as unique as your designs.


and for good measure

Efficiency and respect for your time

We work with you to create a compelling narrative for your firm through a streamlined, efficient process. With THE EDGE, you can focus on your architectural work while we handle your marketing needs.

Unique client-focused approach

We take the time to understand what makes your architecture firm unique and align it with what your clients truly want. This ensures your firm stands out as the top choice for the projects you're most passionate about.

Expertise in architectural marketing

Our deep understanding of the architectural industry enables us to create marketing tools that truly resonate with your potential clients. With THE EDGE, you can confidently navigate the unique challenges and long timelines of this industry.

How it works

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real results

Jon's new clarity turned into $$$

"If your story is difficult to convey or just not getting through… Barbara can help you solve that problem." 

real results

Tim's people
GET IT now

"We needed a clear and compelling brochure and Barb nailed it."

real results

Sally's loving the confidence

"We created The EDGE, a high-impact firm profile booklet that allows us to confidently reach out to clients in a new way."

Check out the results you get with this new marketing strategy for architects:

Have an important marketing tool in place to grow your firm + level up, without giving all your time to marketing. 

Using THE EDGE propels your firm to the forefront of the market. Become the first choice in your potential clients' minds by clearly communicating your unique value.

Increased Visibility

By strategically showcasing your unique strengths and offerings, you'll magnetize the types of projects and clients that align with your vision and passion.

No more late nights struggling with marketing. A streamlined marketing tool, The EDGE frees you up to focus on what you do best—designing and building.

With THE EDGE, you won’t have to worry about crafting the perfect narrative or message. We do that for you, reducing stress and increasing your firm's success.

More time for what matters

Less stress, more success

Attract ideal clients

Yes, It Really Works:

clients get jon's brilliance now

If your story is difficult to convey or not getting through… Barb can help you.

Barb listened closely to our mission, approach and key industries' language, and developed a graphic overview that captures the what and why of our work. If your story is difficult to convey or not getting through. she can help.

tamara went from confused clients to a full plate

Barb reframed our expertise so it centers on our clients - they love it!

THE EDGE not only explains what we do - but contextualizes our work in a way that offers clear benefits to the clients and ample reasons WHY they want to work with us throughout. An invaluable resource!

jill loves the ease

We now have a document we can easily send that wows them with our expertise.

The finished product is beautiful. It shows clients who we are, what we do, and how we can help them in a format that grabs your attention and makes you want to keep looking.

Hey, i'm barb!

I've helped you get clients and projects for 20 years

I'm the ULTIMATE mix of industry-savvy personal cheerleader and dedicated ass-kicker (when needed). Plus, I'm a delight! LET'S DO THIS!

But it wasn't always this way

I sat next to you, sharing architecture marketing strategies as well as frustration if you should have been shortlisted.                                                                      - so I created it. dynamic NEW profile has what clients need to SEE you. 

I knew there had to be a better way

And it works
  • Jon went from losing leads to confusion to                                from people excited to start.
And it works
  • Jon went from losing leads to confusion to now getting                                from people excited to start.
  • Tamara went from leads struggling to understand what they do to                                     + being excited to work with them.
  • Tamara went from leads struggling to understand what they do to                       + being excited to work with them.
  • Tim went from confusing tech jargon + long explanations to an                                                    - and leads GETTING it.
  • Tim went from confusing tech jargon + long explanations to an                                          - and leads GETTING it.


The only difference is they took a chance on themselves and tried IT. Will YOU?



easy way to explain it

easy way to explain it

calls returned

return calls returned

 a better way

The EDGE is the only one of its kind because...

Client-Centric, Benefits-Driven Solutions

Unlike the conventional marketing strategies that focus on showcasing a firm's technical expertise and past projects, THE EDGE takes a client-centric, benefits-driven approach. It aligns the core strengths of your firm with the needs of your clients and translates technical jargon into benefits that clients can clearly understand. This strategic shift in focus empowers your firm to connect more deeply with clients, making you more relatable and attractive to do business with.

Tailored Narrative-Based Marketing

THE EDGE believes in the power of storytelling. It understands that in the AEC industry, clients aren't just buying a service; they're buying a vision and an experience. Therefore, THE EDGE weaves the unique story of your firm into every marketing piece, showcasing not just what you do but who you are, your passion, your vision, and your unique approach. This narrative-based marketing helps your firm stand out, creates an emotional connection with potential clients, and leads to increased visibility and recognition in your target market.


Recognizing that every firm is different, THE EDGE offers a tailored approach. It starts with a thorough analysis of your firm, your brand, and your target market, and then crafts a bespoke marketing strategy that aligns with your unique goals and objectives. This approach ensures your firm's marketing resonates strongly with your target market, maximizes visibility, and increases the potential for client acquisition and retention.

Ready to trade frustration for an efficient, effective marketing strategy for architects?

Want a go-to marketing tool that won't let you down (and, in fact, makes you look amazing)? To take a chance on yourself and try something new (with a guided process - not so painful!)? It has been a game-changer for clients, literally changing their business - I want that for you, too.

Imagine the impact on your overall success, the additional exposure, the awesome projects you'll win, the legacy you'll create, and the impact you'll have. And it's just plain EASIER - for you, AND - more importantly - for your clients. They LOVE it!

THE EDGE understands that time is a valuable resource for architects and designers. Therefore, it offers an efficient and effective approach to marketing that doesn't require additional hours of work from your team or a deep understanding of marketing. It does all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on your core business while it takes care of your visibility in the market.

You've got this.

You're up, architects - get in on The EDGE!

And get in on The EDGE before your competitors do so you can make your mark (and leave them in the dust!). Tell a new story. Look amazing. And get more work you WANT.

book a call to get started NOW

Book a call now and get The EDGE you need to come out ahead in the competitive world of architecture. I say it's time clients chase after you, not the other way around. Let's do this! I can't wait to see where it leads.


money back 

There is no risk to you. So what are you waiting for? Book a call to get started TODAY!

My work is guaranteed to my client's complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with my services, we will - at your discretion - either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Be more effective. Be more YOU.

Frequently asked questions

HOW can my firm get more clients?

Consistency, clarity, and connection are key.

Successful marketing isn't a one-time effort. It requires a clear message about your firm's offerings, consistently reaching out, and forming genuine connections with potential clients. It's about understanding their needs and positioning your firm as the solution.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Difficulty in consistently attracting and retaining clients, impacting business stability.
  • Benefit of Architect Marketing: Adopting a focused and strategic marketing approach can ensure a consistent flow of clients and cultivate lasting relationships.
  • Learn More: "Effective Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Architectural Firm's Clientele" (COMING SOON)


UNIQUE, PROPRIETARY SOLUTION! This unique and proprietary profile solution that not only stands out from the competition but is tailor-made to resonate with your target clientele. Clients love it! Looking to take action for impact - and to stand out? This is the best way to achieve it, without later wishing you’d not done another “save as” on the old SOQ. 

  • New, unique, custom profile booklet
  • Client- and benefit-forward approach and presentation
  • Redefined messaging that can also be applied elsewhere
  • Reusable document - so dialed into your market you can use again without edits

Pain Point Addressed: Clients feeling disconnected or unable to relate to your business or brand.

Investment: per EDGE with add-ons available


The EDGE can be adapted to various efforts, streamlining the proposal process and enhancing response materials. Key messaging can be applied to other document structures if needed to comply with RFP requirements.

  • Pain Point Addressed: The cumbersome nature of adapting to various RFPs and client requirements.


The EDGE emphasizes the solution you bring to the table, allowing clients to easily understand your value proposition.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Difficulty in showcasing solutions that resonate with potential clients.

SEEMS EXPENSIVE for 1o pages

The EDGE offers a proven framework, ensuring high ROI, both in the value delivered and potential business won.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Fear of not getting a return on investment.


The EDGE is versatile, serving both small boutique firms and large corporations, backed by two decades of industry experience.

  • Pain Point Addressed: One-size-fits-all solutions that don't cater to unique firm needs.


Quick start with streamlined pre-work, ensuring your firm can begin reaping the benefits ASAP.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Long and tedious onboarding processes.


The EDGE, with its client-focused approach, addresses architect-specific problems and can be repurposed to suit various needs.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Wasting resources on ineffective marketing tools.

DIFFERENT PROJECT type - not sure this is for me

The EDGE offers a flexible framework that can be tailored, ensuring each project type is catered to effectively.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Rigid solutions that don't adjust to specific project types.


Each EDGE framework is customized to fit your brand, ensuring differentiation in the market.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Generic marketing materials that don't stand out.


The EDGE is adaptable and can incorporate your branding, reinforcing your firm's identity.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Losing brand identity with external tools.


Demonstrations available on request, ensuring confidence in the product before committing.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Investing in something without seeing real-world applications.


The EDGE can be completed swiftly, ensuring timely results and efficiency in marketing efforts.

  • Pain Point Addressed: Prolonged processes that delay potential benefits and business growth.

“Get off the fence! Barb will be a great resource and effectively communicate the value you bring.”


Tim Dufault, Concert