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Transform your firm with strategic architecture firm marketing

...on board for a little change so you can get ahead of the pack and make a real impact in the industry?

Here's the thing—great design and cool photography alone won't make clients choose you over the competition. You need proper architecture firm marketing, and I'm here to give you The ADVANTAGE you need.

DIY architecture firm marketing...

But you have an alternative: save time and money - and get better results. 

Firms without architect marketing can't compete with firms who have it. It's not your fault, it's not what you do. It IS what they do - all day every day. I know - I WAS that person for 20 years. That's why I'm the perfect person to help people now.

My process gives you options, access, flexibility, and marketing ease. It provides more ways to win projects, and have the right materials in the right places that show how awesome as you ARE. It saves you time, money, gets better results, and lets you to focus on design. With my expertise, you can present your firm in the best light, speak directly to clients, create more opportunities, and get an EDGE over the competition.

real results:

“Barb captures 'you' in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!!”

"Barb reframed Pigeon Consulting's expertise so it centers on our clients - and they love it! She made our at-times confusing work - and us - accessible and approachable! She captures "you" in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!!"

- tamara halvorson 

"Barb made it easy for customers to understand who we are, what we do - and why they want to work with us."

We needed a clear and compelling general brochure and Barb nailed it. She captured very complex information and relayed it in an approachable, engaging manner that makes it easy for our customers to understand who we are and what we do - and why they want to work with us.

- tim dufault

because let's be real.

Most designers don't want to do architecture firm marketing

I get it - architecture firm marketing takes time away from billable work, your free time, and adds a ton of stress because it's not your area of expertise. Not. Ideal.

That's where I come in - with the easy solution you may not have known you needed! It meets your marketing needs (and more!), saves you time and money, and gets you better results.

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level up your architecture marketing with in-house expertise

with a power hour

A 60-minute, condensed version of my expertise. Bring your questions, and let's dig in.


Tailored to your specific project needs, or we can create one based on what you require.


Choose from 10, 20, or 40 hours per month, with a three-month commitment.

what you get with the advantage:

Options. Confidence. Peace of mind. And more clients and projects. The flexibility to choose your level of effort on your timeline with the same quality, the level of experience, and effort regardless of your package. Core activities include a discovery session, then: 

  • Help from 20-year architectural firm marketing veteran 
  • IN-HOUSE insight + ability to see the big picture and minutia for a better understanding overall
  • Proprietary approach that makes you look amazing + helps clients GET IT right away 
  • Strategy and implementation, if needed
  • Tailored Messaging: Your story, told the right way.
  • Strategic Planning: Pinpoint YOUR best strategies.
  • Optimized Materials Review: Assess and enhance your current materials to maximize competitive edge.

- annette, business owner

"Behind the scenes you are always interjecting this wisdom about me and my business. Thank you! "



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I learn where you are and where you want to go - if we're a fit we customize a package to YOUR needs.


Ongoing butt-kicking

Get started according to your personalized plan with an expert marketer/cheerleader helping you get results.


I specialize in architecture firm marketing that connects

Incredible designs and amazing photography are important, but it's the ability to connect with clients and effectively communicate your value that leads to success.


You're ready to
level up and be 
the go-to architect 

No more architecture firm marketing materials that don't quite cut it or worrying about submissions. Time for materials that represents YOU, your skills, and bring results.

with 1:1 architecture firm marketing consulting

YOU get:

+ Expanded visibility

+ tailored strategies + messaging

+ assured authenticity


let's do this thing


Tamara Halvorsen, Pigeon Consulting

“Get THE EDGE! It will change your business!! Barb will help capture 'you' in a way you can be proud of.”

“Get off the fence! Barb will be a great resource and effectively communicate the value you bring.”

Tim dufault, concert

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