Can you win a competitive architect proposal without marketing?

When I was new in architectural marketing it took a bit to get confident. It was A LOT more than answering questions and doing a "save as."  After three years I thought I'd seen it ALL (and was cockier than I should have been). At seven I knew A LOT - so much I now I still had so much to learn. Now 20+ years in - I know and have done A LOT. And there is always more to learn. 

I suspect most architects who DIY marketing have my year three confidence minus the experience. Not judging - you don't know what you don't know. 

Since we're basically kindred spirits, may I tell you the truth?

Truth: You are not doing a good enough job to do you justice properly! It's not your fault - this is not what you DO. But architect proposals IS what other people do - full time - including staff at your competition's office. I KNOW, because I WAS that staffer. So I kNOW, can anticipate, and spin MANY things. Without a similar background, you don't know what you don't know.

And that's when I realized I could be your secret weapon to level the playing field

Add the insight, experience, and perspective of a 20-year in-house veteran - only when you need it. Who understands how the architect proposal competition is likely submitting and what you need to do to get there. To anticipate what's next. To help you figure out what to do. To give you help you NEED. And who you can count on.

based on a true story

Architect proposal - can you win alone?

If you need:


Clients to think of YOU

Do clients know who you are? Are you on the automatic shortlist? Become the EXACT architect clients need.


Materials that work FOR you

Are you proud of your materials? Do clients GET you? Do clients SEE you? We get them working FOR, not against you. 


A plan

Do you know your next steps in the proposal? Are you prepared for an interview? Get help making the cut, + a plan to use going forward.

then here's your solution

architect proposal power

DIY or done for you, it gets DONE through the needed lens of a professional architecture marketer. 

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power up your architecture proposal responses with in-house expertise


60-minute consults to provide insight, strategy, and feedback for your DIY proposal effort.

done for you

The majority of the work done by me, with you providing feedback and materials as needed.

Here's what architect proposal power gives you:

Insight. Experience. Peace of mind. Your proposal completed via DIY or DONE FOR YOU (see above). You get the benefit of my 20 years of IN-HOUSE marketing  expertise (deeper insight) with the flexibility to choose your level of involvement with the same quality, level of experience, and effort regardless of package. 

  • KNOW your materials are done right 
  • Strategy + implementation, if needed
  • Strategy + materials to use as models going forward
  • Proprietary approach helps clients GET IT quickly
  • Proprietary materials that enhance proposals to increase win rates

real results:

"Barb reframed Pigeon Consulting's expertise so it centers on our clients - and they love it! She made our at-times confusing work - and us - accessible and approachable! She captures "you" in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!!"

- tamara halvorson 

“Barb captures 'you' in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!!”

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