Isn’t it time for architect marketing that looks as good as you actually are?

We can help you ditch the DIY for real-deal marketing that ‘finally’ aligns with the firm you’ve worked so hard to build.

architect marketing services that represent you

make me look awesome

In an industry where competition is fierce and sales cycles long... 

And while it’s been proven achievable by many other firms, you’re left wondering if you’ll ever have all the things aligned so you get the projects and ideal clients you want. 

fulfilling your dream of becoming a successful architect with money, influence, impact, legacy, and the ability to support your firm and family without worry can feel impossible.

^^ The answer is YES. I’m here to help you become a more successful architect with the marketing messaging, positioning, and connection strategy you need to effectively tell your story in a way you’re proud to share - and that brings results. 

Say goodbye to second-guessing yourself - and hello to total confidence in your marketing.

Say goodbye to second-guessing yourself, and hello to total confidence in your marketing.

You're ready to stop trying to be all the things and again be seen as an innovative designer, recognized for your design contributions. You're ready for experienced help leveling up your marketing - while you focus on design. 

I’m talking the perfect pair of jeans confidence. That fit like a glove, highlighting everything they should and nothing they shouldn’t. That get attention and make your confidence soar.

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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It's time to invest in expert architect marketing services

It's time to invest
in expert architect marketing services

Access the only marketing strategies for architects developed by a 20-year industry marketing veteran - providing better results while you focus on what you do best.

(Can we agree that is not marketing?)

Just imagine - marketing that...

  • Positions you as the go-to architect clients need
  • Visually communicates your brand voice
  • Generates more project wins
  • Allows you to have more impact

And there is no time like the present, because... 

The right marketing strategy allows you to stand out as exactly
what clients need. 

You can achieve anything you imagine with the right support and with less stress. Win more proposals. Recover your billable hours. Be proud of your materials, without nervousness. Become RECOGNIZED – with more projects, referrals, and awards you CHOOSE what to work on. How does this sound to you? It's possible…

You need the right marketing support to get the ball rolling. Strategic help through the right architect marketing consultant can give you the edge you need – just when you need it.

exciting announcement!


I expertly create customized industry messages and elevate them to a level you never knew you needed (but will absolutely adore). These messages are not only more powerful, but also perfectly tailored to represent YOU and speak directly to your clients. I am the secret weapon you never even realized you were missing.

My specialty lies in providing a crucial element that is often neglected in architectural marketing: CLARITY.

I unlock your marketing potential as an architect so you can win projects.

We enhance materials so that they are benefit-oriented, effective and representative of YOU - and your clients.

I specialize in reframing architecture firm marketing to better connect with clients and to make you look as good as you ARE (+ to win projects, obviously). 

It's not your ideas that make you lose. You need help connecting the dots so your clients see you. This is where I come in. I specialize in overhauling architectur firm marketing so you connect with your clients, look as good as you ARE, and win more projects.

hey, i'm barb

You not winning projects is NOT because of your designs. You are awesome. You just need some help connecting the dots for clients. That's where I step in. 

real results:

We needed a clear, compelling brochure and Barb nailed it. She relayed very complex information in an approachable, engaging manner that makes it easy for customers to see who we are, what we do, and why they want to work with us.

- tim dufault, concert

Barb made it easy to see who we are, what we do, and why you should work with us.

Clients have gone from confusion to appreciation of this assessible approach

                  Potential clients had difficulty understanding Tamara's materials, filled with the inevitably complex industry jargon of historic preservation. A young company with talent to spare but without permission to list the experience of previous firms, they encountered a common problem: their marketing materials reflected the old firms - and the previous generation - more than themselves.

The Pigeon team is extremely talented, and also an extremely approachable group with fun personalities. We wanted to marry the two without losing credibility, staying true to who they are and being consistent in written materials and in person.

"Our work can be confusing and overwhelming to clients and Barb helped make it - and us - sound accessible and approachable!"

-Tamara Halvorsen,
Founder, Pigeon Consulting




An engaging, client-focused message
shows their authority and personality

              We found a new balance. We changed the message and overall organization so it could maintain its authority, while still showing that it was accessible.

"Barb will help capture 'you' in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!"

-Tamara Halvorsen,
Founder, Pigeon Consulting


We presented the information in an engaging, easy-to-read, customer-focused, minimizing industrial language and speaking directly to their customers. We infused enough personality to capture the spirit of Pigeon without diminishing their credibility.

"Barb has reframed our expertise to focus on our customers - they love it!" - Tamara Halvorsen

How I help

improved messaging

Create engaging, accurate and competitive messages that highlight the right things in the right way to make it easier for customers to understand how you can help them. And it looks like YOU.

marketing done well

Get your marketing done faster, the right way, and get better results using my 20+ years of industry expertise. I help you be more competitive by developing and implementing strategies.

level the playing field

Compete more effectively with firms with marketing staff (and outperform marketing tinkerers) by using my 20+ years of in-house knowledge and expertise to anticipate and align responses with expected results.

savvyhound helps customers see YOU. Our approach highlights how your experience and projects intersect with clients' needs, making it easier for them to understand how you can help them. With our experience, we do your marketing the right way, giving you an edge.

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What can I do for you?

We offer a number of creative, strategic and flexible architectural marketing packages to help you succeed! Here are some examples of projects we can carry out together:

  • Content Creation: Blog Posts, Case Studies, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Proposals: strategy, done FOR you, done WITH you (ideas), preparation for interviews
  • Strategy Sessions: Marketing Plans, Social Media, Proposal Approaches + Interviews
  • Messaging and positioning: tailor materials to YOU ​​and what customers want
  • Other “written” marketing tasks as well as everything else!

Signature packages

These packages are the starting point for our collaboration. We work together to co-create the package that meets YOUR needs.


THE EDGE is a unique and exclusive profile solution that stands out from the competition and is specially designed to attract your ideal clients. Don't just copy and paste a profile that isn't quite a good fit. Make an impression with the profile that represents you and your ideal clients: EDGE. Clients love it!

  • New, unique, personalized profile booklet 
  • Client and benefits-focused approach 
  • Redefined messaging that can also be applied elsewhere 
  • Reusable – so tailored to your market that you can reuse it without modifications

Problem Solved: Clients feeling disconnected or unable to relate to your business or brand.

Ultimate flexibility, maxiumum results

We needed a clear and compelling brochure and Barb nailed it.

Personalized, flexible marketing strategies, from blog posts to proposals to messaging that's unique to you, to deliver what you need - only when you need it. Tailored to your exact specifications, you get "It's almost like she works here" senior marketing support for maximum flexibility and optimal results!

  • Improved clarity in your materials, with a focus on client connection 
  • Confidence that your submissions are done correctly 
  • More confidence in business development through clarity of messaging 
  • Experienced marketer to answer questions and provide clarification

Problem Solved: Clients tired of one-size-fits-all solutions that don't really meet their unique needs. 

Messaging that represents you + wins

Complete messaging across all platforms so your brand is always and effectively represented, making you recognizable and trustworthy. Get the right messages from within – include materials to improve messaging, positioning and consistency across all platforms.

  • Marketing assessments and recommendations at every stage
  • Updated messaging for all agreed materials across all platforms
  • Define or redefine key strengths and associated messaging
  • Consistency in messaging everywhere

Problem Solved: Inconsistency in branding and messaging leading to confusion or lack of trust among potential customers.


response better results

Improved proposal strategies and ideas from experienced professionals to increase the impact and success rate of your proposals. My 20+ years of architectural proposal writing experience is available on a project basis - at a fraction of the cost of in-house marketing. We advise or carry out your proposal in two ways:

  • Do It Yourself - with follow-up calls with me for clarification
  • Done For You - largely following the traditional format (mainly my work)

Fixed issue: Previous proposals ignored or not generating the desired results. 

Clarity via a one-hour consultation

A one-on-one session focused on providing clear direction, answering specific questions, and offering actionable steps to advance your marketing efforts. Bring your architectural marketing ideas, a current project or specific questions to this 60 or 90 minute session. This may be a good choice if you:

  • Want to do marketing yourself with strategy insights
  • Want an overview of a current project or how to make something happen
  • Have specific questions about AEC marketing

Problem Solved: Feeling overwhelmed or lost when it comes to marketing strategies or next steps. I

: $225 per hour 


Customizable packages that can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring all aspects of your marketing are covered.

Issue Fixed
: Need specialized or additional support in areas not covered by standard packages. 

Let's create a marketing solution that works for you

real results:

Barb reframed our expertise so it centers on our clients - they love it! Our work can be confusing and overwhelming but she helped it + us sound accessible + approachable! She captures you in a way you can be proud of.

- Tamara Halvorson, Pigeon Consulting

Barb captures 'you' in a way you can be proud of. It will change your business!!

I am committed to ensuring my clients' total satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with my services, we can either waive the professional fees or accept a portion of these fees depending on your level of satisfaction - at your discretion.
There is no risk for you. So, what are you waiting for? Book a call today to get started!


money back 

my approach?

It's about YOU

Every project starts the same way: by listening to you. I take the time to understand YOU, your needs, your goals, and how I can help. Then we use the savvyhound system to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

It depends on the effort put in, where you are in your marketing journey, and the amount of effort you put into implementing the approach or materials. Most efforts require a minimum of six months to a year to start seeing results - with consistent implementation of the strategy in place.

Investing in marketing now can generate significant returns in the future. Architecture is a long-term game – it can be years from your first contact to signing a contract. This doesn't mean your efforts aren't successful - it just means the client doesn't need to build today or isn't yet eligible.

Problem Solved: Concern about financial investment and its return.

Frequently asked questions

The definition of success or results is determined before a project begins so that everyone is working toward the same goals. There are several variables you can use to measure success and results (which can be provided per project), depending on your efforts, and knowing that it typically takes six months to a year to see results - with a constant effort.

Problem Solved: Doubt about the tangible benefits of marketing.

The investment varies depending on the project. We offer packages ranging from a one-hour call to ongoing contracts to meet your needs. Your pricing structure emphasizes the value customers receive and how an investment in effective marketing can generate substantial returns.

Problem Solved: Concern about financial investment and its return.

Not a problem! Every firm has different needs, I am happy to tailor or create new packagesNo problem ! Every business has different needs, I am happy to customize or create new packages to meet your specific challenges.

Problem Solved: Concern about not getting holistic support.
 to address your specific challenges.

It typically takes between six months and a year to start seeing results from ongoing marketing efforts. Given long sales cycles and project deadlines, it can take years to see results. We set agreed goals to ensure we meet your needs.

To calculate marketing ROI, subtract the cost of marketing from the sales growth and divide it by the cost of marketing. For example, if revenue is $2,000 and marketing effort is $200, then the simple ROI is 900%.

Problem Solved: Doubt about the tangible benefits of marketing.

Once you choose a package, we'll put you on the schedule as soon as my schedule allows. Please allow time to complete any prior work (usually a marketing questionnaire) before starting for the most efficient start to our collaboration.

Problem Solved: Eagerness to see results and start improving their business.

We use a combination of Zoom, Google Docs, Microsoft Teams (or your favorite program), and my client platform to collaborate. Prior to consulting, I worked in large architectural firms with multiple locations for many years, which required essentially the same approach to working with staff in other offices. As a 20-year veteran of architect marketing, I am able to anticipate many needs and respond almost as if I were working there.

Issue Resolved: Concerns about the effectiveness of remote or non-traditional counseling.

I will be happy to discuss your needs over a call. We can review basic plans to see which one is best and identify what's missing in your unique situation, then co-create a custom plan that meets your needs.

Problem Solved: Too many choices and uncertainty regarding the right package for their needs.

On average, it takes about six months to a year to see a return on your marketing efforts. The duration may vary depending on a client's specific needs and goals. Often, clients take a holistic approach that can contribute to a range of short- and long-term gains.

Problem Solved: Impatience or concerns about time commitment.

My work is guaranteed to my client's complete satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with my services, we will - at your discretion - either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction.

Pain Point Addressed: Apprehension about the risk involved.

real results:


Behind the scenes you are always interjecting this wisdom about me and my business. Thank you!

- annette, business owner

- Tamara Halvorson, Pigeon Consulting

Behind the scenes you are always interjecting this wisdom about me and my business. Thank you!

- Tamara Halvorson, Pigeon Consulting

- Tamara Halvorson, Pigeon Consulting



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Ongoing butt-kicking

Get started according to your personalized plan with an expert marketer/cheerleader helping you get results.


My expertise is
architect marketing that connects

Incredible designs and great photography don't make your architecture firm a success. The ability to connect with clients and effectively communicate your benefit is what makes you successful.


You are ready to be known as THE go-to architect 

No more wishing you had better marketing materials or being embarrassment by submissions. It's time to create architect marketing that represents you and your skills - and brings results.

Swipe my secrets!

Increase your client worth by 1,000% (not official) by including this plug 'n play BENEFIT CHART in proposals. Show why you are the EXACT architect clients want - on ONE page.

    still on the fence?

    - tim dufault, concert

    Get off the fence! Barb will be a great resource and effectively communicate the value you bring.

    let's do this

    ready to chat?

    You win the next proposal. You get your billable hours back. You are proud of your materials, not nervous.  You get KNOWN - and more projects, referrals, awards, and are so busy you CHOOSE what to work on. 

    Let's make it happen for you.

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    Prepare to bust out your swagger because you'll be FEELING IT after upgrading your marketing. Most clients are blown away by how awesome they sound.

    Book a no-obligation, complimentary call with me and to see if we're a fit to level up your marketing. I am SO excited to hear what's up and to help you see what's possible. Look forward to learning more about you, your biz, and your marketing needs!

    Say goodbye to second guessing yourself - and hello to total confidence in your marketing.

    I’m talking the perfect pair of jeans confidence. That fit like a glove, highlighting everything they should and nothing they shouldn’t. That get attention and make your confidence soar.

    You're ready to stop trying to be all the things and again be seen as an innovative designer, recognized for your design contributions. You're ready for experienced help leveling up your marketing - while you focus on design.